roBOt KIDS // roBOt FESTIVAL & MAMbo // Domenica 6/10/13 // 2.30-6.30pm // MAMbo Dipartimento Educativo : Via Don Minzoni 14 //

Through the collaboration between the Education Department of MAMbo, the cultural association Shape and the collective Studio Public, it is given birth to roBOt KIDS, a program dedicated to children within i roBOt Festival.

roBOt KIDS is an interdisciplinary project that comes to life in an atmosphere of a futuristic cabaret, an atelier of masks, a photo shoot and video installations where they cohabit with a dance hall dedicated to electronic music with Dj Bubble.

A sound and performative experience, a scenario that becomes from 2D to 3D in a process of interactive stations, a language that comes from an unusual mixture of signs inspired by the graphics of the festival and the aesthetics of the futurist sets of Giacomo Balla, roBOt Kids is all this, but is also and especially the desire to spend together a Sunday having fun with creativity.

Come to transform yourself into a robot at the educational atelier with Public Studio, where children are invited to create original masks and disguises to become models for a photo shoot. The extraordinary presence of Dj Bubble warms up the atmosphere, making it “dancing”, of the halls of the Education Department of Mambo, where an impressive staging of shapes and lines creates fantastic compositions of color vibrations, rhythms and music.

info : // tel. 051 6496628

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Many Thanks to the students of Communication and Education of Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna.

organisation :

Technic help:

Atelier of "masks" and photo shoo / Studio Public /

Musica /  Dj Bubble /

Lycra Touch + APV, by Mauro Ferrario /

Staging, Mambo Education Department /

and in collaboration with the students of Communication and Education of Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna.